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Understanding Systems: Conversations on Epistemology and Ethics

Von Foerster, Heinz

Understanding Systems: Conversations on Epistemology and Ethics

ISBN: 978-0-306-46752-3


How real is reality? Are our images of the world mere inventions, or does an external reality correspond to them? Is it possible to know the truth?
These are questions that physicist and philosopher Heinz von Foerster and journalist Bernhard Poerksen debate about in their conversations. Together, they explore the borders of our capacity for knowledge. They discuss the seeming objectivity of our sensual perception, the consequences of "truth terrorism" and the connections between knowledge and ethics, sight and insight.

Ifsr International Series on Systems Science and Engineering 17
158 Seiten
14 x 21.6 cm, 920 g
Springer, 24.07.2003