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Scham und der böse Blick

Wurmser, Léon

Scham und der böse Blick

Verstehen der negativen therapeutischen Reaktion

ISBN: 978-3-17-034178-4

This book deals not just with urgent outward shame, but rather its inwardness. The author examines how these internal conflicts of shame are reflected in all relationships. He focuses on the following issues: the "negative therapeutic reaction", the "evil eye", the dynamics of envy and jealousy and their roots in the emotions of shame, lies and betrayal. He also discusses the origins of the formation of conscience and the dichotomy of the "inner judge" and its various sides.

Lindauer Beiträge zur Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik
3. Auflage
234 Seiten
14 x 20.3 cm, 398 g
Kohlhammer, 20.03.2019