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Peter Märkli – Everything one invents is true

Johnston, Pamela (Hrsg.)

Peter Märkli – Everything one invents is true

ISBN: 978-3-03761-138-8

Since the early 1980s, Peter Märkli has been one of the most striking protagonists of Ger-man Swiss architecture from the earliest period of its emergence. However his impressive buildings cannot be easily classified in the scheme of this architectural movement, since the individual buildings are intensely developed individuals that follow the continuous movement of seeking. They always open up connections with the history of architecture in an inde-pendent, powerful way and express the impetus of timeless validity. This volume presents 17 buildings in detail from the last 15 years with texts, plans and imag-es. The remarkable presentation of works is complemented by enlightening essays by Florian Beigel & Philip Christou, Franz Wanner and Ellis Woodman. An exciting interview with Peter Märkli by Elena Markus and individual statements by the architects round off the im-pressive collection. With an enclosed booklet containing the essays in German.

240 Seiten 101 Skizzen 75 Pläne
gebunden, 31 x 31 cm, 1650 g
Quart Verlag, 04.04.2017