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Reading Swift

Real, Hermann J. (Hrsg.) / Juhas, Kirsten (Hrsg.) / Simon, Sandra (Hrsg.)

Reading Swift

Papers from The Sixth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift

ISBN: 978-3-7705-5430-0

Assembling thirty-five lectures delivered at the Sixth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift in June 2011, this new volume of Reading Swift testifies to an extraordinary spectrum of research interests in the Dean of St Patrick’s, Dublin, and his works. As in the most successful earlier volumes, the essays have been grouped in eight sections: biographical problems; bibliographical and textual studies; A Tale of a Tub; historical and religious as well as economic and political issues; poetry; Swift and Ireland; Gulliver’s Travels; and Reception and Adaptation. Clearly, the élan vital, which has been such a distinctive feature of Swift scholarship in the past thirty years, is continuing unabated.

672 Seiten
15.7 x 23.3 cm, 1134 g
Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 15.07.2013