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Muhar, Susanne (Hrsg.) / Muhar, Andreas (Hrsg.) / Siegrist, Dominik (Hrsg.) / Egger, Gregory (Hrsg.)

Rivers of the Alps

Diversity in Nature and Culture
  • Rivers of the Alps: Nature and ecology, culture and economy.
  • This richly illustrated result of a major geographic project presents contributions by more than 140 experts from six Alpine countries.
ISBN: 978-3-258-08117-5

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The landscapes of the Alps are substantially shaped by their rivers - human use of the Alpine region is closely linked to the challenges of dealing with rivers and streams. This book offers a vivid and comprehensive survey of the manifold ways in which Alpine rivers are important from a range of different perspectives.

Thirty-four thematic chapters give an insight into the origin and functions of rivers, their ecological, social and economic relevance in the past and present, the extent and consequences of human uses, as well as the need to balance the interests of protection and utilization. Portraits of over fifty rivers provide a quick overview and present particular features of each of these rivers.

The book provides a basis for discussions about the future of the rivers of the Alps. By combining rich illustrations, maps and easily comprehensible descriptions, it is a unique reference work for readers with an interest in nature and the environment, for experts and not least for students and teachers.

1. Auflage 2019
512 Seiten, durchgehend farbig illustriert
gebunden, 21,6 x 26,7 cm, 1968 g
Haupt Verlag
CHF 58.00 (UVP) / EUR 49.00 (D) / EUR 50.40 (A)

58,00 CHF * Gewicht 2.01 kg
58,00 CHF * Gewicht 2.01 kg