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Schlup, Peter (Hrsg.) / Hertwig, Stefan T. (Hrsg.)

Of Bears and Men

Conclusions of the 1st International Bear Meeting IBear
ISBN: 978-3-258-08145-8

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In light of the critical global situation for bears, two Bernese institutions, the Tierpark Bern and the Natural History Museum, organised the International Bear Meeting (IBEAR) in 2014. The aim was to bring together people interested in different aspects of the evolution, conservation and husbandry of bears. The lectures covered various issues, ranging from the phylogeny of bears to the history of bear keeping in Bern. In this conference proceeding, the vast majority of the IBEAR speakers summarise their presentations.

1. Auflage 2019
153 Seiten, 121 Abb., 5 Tab., 4-fbg.
gebunden, 17 x 24 cm, 594 g
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