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Buchter, Heike


Eine heimliche Weltmacht greift nach unserem Geld

ISBN: 978-3-593-50458-2

There has never been an empire like BlackRock. No bank, no fund controls that much capital. BlackRock invests, analyzes, and advises major investors, finance ministries, and central banks. There is hardly a region of our planet where this "shadow bank" does not maintain a presence. One thing's for certain: BlackRock is not only transforming our financial system, its global power is calling the entire economic system into question. - the first book about the world's mightiest financial giant - shows the danger and threats that BlackRock poses - BlackRock's decisions have a direct effect on us every day - an indispensable book for anyone dealing with the world of finance, and, naturally, for any reader with a desire to know who is pulling the strings in the background

280 Seiten
14.6 x 22.1 cm, 473 g
Campus, 17.08.2015