Fischer, Anton

Sustainable Tourism

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UTB S 4097
1. Auflage 2014
128 Seiten, 26 Tabellen, 11 Abbildungen, 17 Fotos
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Tourism is worldwide a major and still increasing economic sector. It causes, however, not only benefits like economic profit and jobs but also a lot of harms: CO2 emissions, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and social imbalance. The idea of sustainability may help to make human activities in tourism less destructive by changing the behavior of the common run of tourists. The general framework helps students and stakeholders to better understand the long-term interactions between economy and environmental protection, and each tourist will find a guideline how to organize the next holiday trip in a more responsible way.

Anton Fischer
Dr. Anton Fischer ist Professor für Geobtoanik an der TU München.

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