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Doerig, Hans-Ulrich

Strive for Credibility


12x12 Principles and Tools for Personal and Corporate Success in the 21st Century / People – Governance – Risks – Challenges

ISBN: 978-3-258-07430-6

1. Auflage 2009
519 Seiten, 12 Abbildungen
gebunden, 15,5 x 22,5 cm, 920 g
Haupt Verlag
CHF 48.00 (UVP) / EUR 39.90 (D) / EUR 41.10 (A)

Credible and committed leaders, managers and employees have long been a prerequisite for corporate success. In this era of growing instability and change, it is ¬becoming imperative for both individuals and organizations to find ways of adapting to new parameters and challenges in order to outperform their peers. What key skills and qualifications are necessary to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace? How can individuals and corporations assert themselves within this environment? Why do some organizations win while others in the same industry seem destined for failure?
In Strive for Credibility, Hans-Ulrich Doerig addresses the issues that will be most critical to individual and corporate success over the next decade with a focus on four key themes: People – Governance – Risks – Challenges. The compact structure of this handbook – with 4 × 3 chapters that examine the most salient aspects of each theme and offer compelling analyses and recommendations – is tailored specifically to the needs of business leaders and professionals with limited time resources. The concise design means the publication can be used either as a compendium or as a basis for presentations and discussions. Moreover, a selection of around 1,900 real-life examples and 1,600 steps, tools and recommendations enable readers to apply proven management principles to everyday corporate situations.
This book draws on the insights and experience gained by the author over almost three decades in various top management positions at the major global bank Credit Suisse. It also reflects his observations of manager and employee conduct during 30,000 meetings around the globe with people from all walks of life and is enriched with references to informative third-party research.

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«Die Krise der Wirtschaft ist auch eine Krise der Glaubwürdigkeit ihrer Exponenten. Ihre Integrität und Führungskompetenz steht auf dem Prüfstand. CS-Präsident Hans-Ulrich Doerig legt die Messlatte für echte Leader hoch. Das neue Handbuch von Hans-Ulrich Doerig bietet in den vier Themen Menschen, Governance, Risiken und besondere Herausforderungen Hunderte Beispiele, Prinzipien und Denkanstösse für glaubwürdiges Management.»
Handelszeitung, 24.6.09

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